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Connells Group announces roll out of Vibrant’s EPC+ product

Following the recent launch of Vibrant’s first-of-its-kind EPC+ offering, Connells Group confirms that it is rolling out the new offering to customers and clients across its sales and lettings network.

In response to growing demand for homes to be more energy-saving, the EPC+ Report provides homeowners, sellers and landlords with better understanding of their property’s impact on the environment, how they can achieve better energy efficiency and, ultimately, how they can make ‘greener’ choices. Alongside its environmental benefits, the report provides customers with clear, achievable options to save on their bills and add value to their homes.

The report from Vibrant is the first of its kind in the housing industry, detailing a property’s current and potential EPC rating, the CO2 produced by the property each year and the CO2 savings that could be achieved. It also drills down to finer details, including what improvements are recommended to achieve a higher rating, how much they will cost and how much bills could reduce as a result, as well as information on various sources of funding that may be available.

Commenting on Vibrant’s new EPC+ product, Connells Group’s Chief Estate Agency Executive, David Plumtree, says, “We’re proud to be one of the first to blanket adopt Vibrant’s market-leading EPC+, which we believe offers great benefits to our customers and for which there is considerable demand. At a time when environmental issues and the cost of living are affecting so many, we are committed to prioritising the needs of our customers and our planet. By offering the EPC+ service through our national branch network, we are able to reach a larger proportion of the population than any other property business, and we’re confident that our customers will reap the long-term benefits of this new offering.”

Dan Kittow, Managing Director at Vibrant – Your Property Partner, adds, “The increased attention on improving the performance of the UK housing stock means that in the coming years landlords and homeowners will be under greater pressure to make improvements that will bring down energy usage. Our EPC Plus Service will provide them with a complete overview of the current performance alongside clear and targeted recommendations, allowing proactive improvement and management of each property.”

For further information, please contact the Vibrant team on hi@vem.co.uk.

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