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Probate or Estate Administration

Through its subsidiaries Redstone Wills and Just Wills, Connells Group is now one of the UK's leading providers of probate and estate administration services.

Dealing with someone's affairs after they die can be a confusing and distressing time. It is often the role of a close family member or executor to ensure the deceased wishes are carried out and that legal, tax, administrative and property-related issues regarding the estate are dealt with.

Personal estates and financial situations are often complicated, requiring a great deal of time and commitment from the executor at what is very likely to be a difficult period. Enlisting the services of a professional organisation to support probate and estate administration activity is often the best approach.

For more information on Connells Group probate and estate administration services, please visit the websites of our providers below.

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Just Wills

Medway House,
Cantelupe Road,
RH19 3BJ

t: 0845 120 4765

Founded in 1989, Just Wills Ltd, part of the Connells Group, is the UK's largest will writing company. It provides individuals and executors with advice on estate planning, trusts and probate services through a national network of professional advisors.

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Redstone Wills Ltd

Windmill Road,
TN38 9BY

t: 0845 071 7115

Since the creation of Redstone Wills in 2009, the Connells Group has become one of the UK's leading providers of wills, storage and probate services. Redstone Wills processes thousands of wills each year as well as providing support services to executors.


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